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World Cup Tasters Championship – France.


The official countdown has gone from months, to weeks, to days, and now we are in the final hours before Elisha Mauger competes in the World Cup Tasters Championship, at the World Coffee Expo in Nice, France.


Gloria Jean’s Coffees very own NSW Operations Trainer, Elisha, accompanied by her support team, arrived in Nice on Thursday 20 June evening where the weather is warm and the town is buzzing with activity in the lead up to the competition.


Elisha has spent the last four days undertaking her strict personally-designed palate cleansing diet which consists of peas, cucumber, lettuce and a lot of water. The diet ensures the palate is free from any unwanted build up and enhances her sensory glands.  This meaning, she unfortunately has not yet been able to indulge in any of the beautiful French cuisine - so she is very much looking forward to that once the competition has finished.


The exquisite surroundings of Nice has offered Elisha a relaxing environment in the days leading up to the competition, however with only a matter of hours to go it’s only natural to feel the heat with the title of World Cup Tasters Champion title up for grabs. Elisha’s support team are working hard to keep her focussed on her best performance possible, while keeping the nerves at bay.


The competition will run over the next three days and will be a process of elimination consisting of four rounds, leaving only the most accurate and serious cup tasting competitors.  Elisha will compete against 31 other nations in her quest for the crown. 


Cupping is a relatively new category within the coffee competition sector, where entrants demonstrate speed, skill, and accuracy in distinguishing the taste differences in specialty coffee.


Elisha currently holds the National Cup Tasting Champion title, after correctly identifying seven out of the eight coffees, at the AustralAsian Specialty Coffee Association (AASCA) Cup Tasting Championships held earlier in the year in Melbourne.


Until tomorrow's update... #GoElishaGo