Frequently Asked Questions

Why love Gloria Jean’s Coffees?

Since launching our first Australian coffee house in 1996, we’ve worked hard to build a positive brand, synonymous with delicious coffee and warm, friendly service. Our extensive coffee and beverage range is evident whenever you walk into one of our coffee houses. We’re all about our dedication to quality products, delivered through our energetic and passionate Franchise Partner family. That’s what helps protect the strength of our brand and keeps our glorious guests coming back for more.

Do I require any special experience?

No, although having business experience is always an advantage, we provide comprehensive training for all areas of your new-store arrangement.

What is the term of a franchise agreement?

New Franchisees are ordinarily granted a five (5) year initial franchise term, together with an option to renew for a further five (5) years. This may vary, depending upon the term of the lease applicable to the site. You should refer to the terms outlined to you, in any conditional approval offer we submit to you.

What is the total cost of building and equipment to opening a NEW Gloria Jeans Coffee House?

A new Gloria Jeans traditional store can range in price from $290,000 to $550,000 + GST. A new Gloria Jeans Drive Thru store can cost between $390,000 to $800,000 + GST. This amounts do not include the applicable Initial Franchise Fee. These costing are estimate ranges only, as the costing for each site will be influenced by site characteristics & equipment required.

What services are included in return for the franchise and marketing fees?

Generally speaking (and subject to the terms of your franchise agreement), these fees cover 1. Your right to use Gloria Jean’s intellectual property during your term 2. Operational training, tools and support; and 3. Marketing initiatives, including national advertising, public relations campaigns, mediation selection and national media placement.

How much profit will I make?

The profitability of any business depends on several factors, such as value of wages paid, cost of goods and other operating costs. We will work with you, to focus on key performance indicators to drive maximum profitability.

Do I need any other money to start?

It is a requirement that you have money available to be used as working capital and as a minimum we would expect you to have $30,000. This will cover costs such as accounting and legal fees, business and public liability insurance and your first day’s trading stock and packaging. You will also need to budget for accommodation and living away from home expenses while at our training academy in Queensland. For a more comprehensive list of the likely initial costs, you should refer to our disclosure document.

What is a bank guarantee?

This is essentially a bond you pay to the Landlord as security over the tenancy. This would be refunded to you by the Landlord at the end of your lease subject to meeting the terms and conditions of your agreement.

What is a Landlord contribution?

This is a financial rebate that some Landlord’s offer to contribute towards the cost of building your store. To find out whether this incentive is available for the site you are enquiring about, please contact our team for further information.