How do I collect the GJs Minis?

With every $10 you spend at Gloria Jean’s, a mini collectable is yours!

You will receive 1 x GJs Mini for every $10 you spend in one transaction at Gloria Jean’s Coees houses (if you would like one). There is 1 for each $10 you spend after any discounts are applied and up to a maximum of 20 minis in one day.

You will receive the GJ’s Mini at the point of purchase in store.

Is there a cap on the number of GJ’s Minis I can receive in a single transaction?

For any one day, a maximum of 20 GJ’s Minis can be earnt.

Can I choose which GJ’s Mini I receive?

Each GJ’s Mini is sealed in opaque packaging, so customers won’t be able to identify the Mini it contains.

How long can I collect the GJ’s Minis for?

We will launch these Collectables in mid November 2019 and will run the promotion instore until sold out.

It’s not the GJ’s Mini I want! What can I do?

Unfortunately, we are unable to swap GJ’s Minis in store. However there might be opportunities you can arrange to swap with other customers. This would need to be organised directly by yourself, as there isn’t a pre-arranged swap meet scheduled for stores.

If there is such a demand to host a swap meet, we can revisit this opportunity and we will announce any Store swap meets on the Gloria Jean’s Australia Facebook and Instagram pages. Please keep an eye on these pages.

What happens if my local Gloria Jean’s Coees house runs out of GJ’s Minis?

Please speak with your local store to understand if this is due to stock run out, or if they are awaiting another shipment. If they are awaiting another shipment, they will be able to arrange a time for you to collect your GJ’s Mini that you have earnt at a suitable alternative date suitable to both parties.

Is there a box to house my collection of GJ’s Mini’s?

No. We have not created a box to house these in. If there is enough demand, for future campaigns, we can look at providing this for future releases. However, we do know that the Meal Box you can purchase instore featuring the Mini’s is proving to be a great holder.

Where are the GJ’s Minis made?

The items are both produced in China

What are the GJ’s Minis made out of?

The GJ’s Mini’s are made from PVC and paints material that are eco-friendly.